Akateeminen Aurajokilaivuritutkinto aka AATU

AATU is an event organized by a student organization, AALy, that is run by students of the University of Turku. The organization was established in the autumn of 1995, shortly after the first AATU event that was held earlier that year in May. AAly is run by a board of 5-7 members.

The main event, AATU, is all about appreciating the wonderful riverside in Turku and also to celebrate the beginning of the summer holidays. Traditionally, the principle of the University of Turku has declared the summer holidays officially started in the beginning of the event.


Ticket sale for the event usually starts around April. If you wish to atted, stay tuned and ask around if someone has seen any posters or info. We try to keep this web site as updated as possible. The ticket price includes the 'degree map', a patch according to the level of the degree you have finished and entrance to the after party in Börs.

By degree map we mean a paper that includes a map of the riverside. All those restaurants that take part in the event are marked on the degree map. You are to visit some of these restaurants, enjoy a drink and get a stamp on your map. Based on the amount of the restaurants visited you receive a degree of either Matruusi, I Perämies or Kapteeni.

AATU '14, Thursday May 15th

On the day of the event, the festivities start at noon when the registration stands open by the river. The stands are open from 12 to 4pm. At 2pm the event kicks off and herds of students make their way to the restaurants, which they are allowed to do until 9pm. After this, people head to the after party to collect their patches and to enjoy the live bands performing at the party.